Mexico your Global Healthcare Destination

Mexico your Global Healthcare Destination

04 septiembre 2020

Did you know…?

Situations such as international demand for quality services, certified doctors, privileged geographic location, advanced technology, cutting-edge scientific approaches, connectivity and hospital infrastructure make Mexico the perfect place for your medical treatment and recovery.

Medical Tourism in Mexico ranks in the top five medical tourism destinations world-wide. It has consistently grown over the last several years, with more than a million visitors from the US, Canada, and other countries traveling every year to Mexico for healthcare. While affordability continues to be the number one reason behind the popularity of Mexico medical tourism, patients are also attracted by the country’s excellent reputation for personalized care and fine hospitality. The serene climate of Mexico is also ideal for patients who are seeking recovery of their health and have a medical vacation.

Benefits of receiving your medical treatment in Mexico

Coming to Mexico to receive your medical treatment has extraordinary benefits both in economic matters and in the good recovery experience that you can have in our country.

We share with you a list of the most predominant benefits when coming to Mexico for health tourism and / or wellness tourism:

  • Saving on medical treatments that range between 30% and 70% cheaper.

  • Nationally and internationally certified physicians and health institutions committed to high quality in patient care.

  • Immediate access to health care services.

  • Hospital infrastructure and medical equipment with cutting-edge technology. 

  • Hospitality and warmth.

  • Recover yourself enjoying the beautiful tourist and geographical attractions that our country offers.

Is medical care safe in Mexico?

All medical treatments involve certain risks, however choosing a good hospital with certified doctors minimizes possible complications.

Today Mexico has a hospital network and medical equipment with high quality standards and cutting-edge technology.

The private hospitals in Mexico are usually similar in quality and care to those in the United States. However is important consider the next points for evaluate to health providers:

  • Check hospital accreditation and board certification as well as doctor qualification.

  • Find a doctor who is bilingual to avoid miscommunication.

  • Find out whether the hospital follows sterilization standards.

Medical Tourism in Mexico is a good option?

Medical tourism in Mexico has become a choice of millions of people seeking affordable health solutions. Here is why women and men in the EE.UU., Canada, and other destinations are saying “Yes” to medical tourism in Mexico:  

  • Excellent Safety Record

Mexico enjoys one of the highest success rates and an excellent safety record for procedures such as weight loss surgery and plastic surgery.

  • Skilled and Experienced Surgeons

Bariatric surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals in Mexico have acquired advanced skills, training, certifications, and experience.

  • Latest Surgical Technologies

Many hospitals, surgery centers and clinics in Mexico are equipped with cutting edge surgical technologies and facilities to deliver safe patient outcomes.

  • Personalized Service and Comfort

The doctors and attending staff at Mexico hospitals will provide you prompt and personalized care and services, and deliver a comfortable treatment experience.

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